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Reel Skillz Gear offers coastal inshore fishing and flounder gigging apparel.  Fishing is easy... catching takes skillz.


The Reel Skillz Gear fishing blog is a compilation of fishing tips, information about our products and Company news. 


Rock on and Stay Cool!

Mike Caulder

Mike the owner of Reel Skillz Gear

Mike the owner of Reel Skillz Gear

Hey Skillz fans!  Mike here with a great tip for those hot summer days.  Now I'm sure most of you have seen these great new indestructible fishing coolers on the market. They keep your ice super cool for long periods of time.  Honestly I'm sure they are everything they claim to be and boy do I want one.  They just look cool, you know.  Unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range.  I just keep on rocking with my Coleman cooler...literally.  Here is what I do on my fishing trips to get the most from my cooler.  I use ROCK SALT!  You know, the stuff for making ice cream.  Before I hit the water for a day of fishing for redfish or flounder, I throw in a handful of rock salt on my ice.  Usually I sprinkle it in and mix it into the ice.  This will get your drinks cold FAST and will stay cold for days.  Now if you plan on using the ice in a cup, then this isnt the best option.  Just be careful not to add too much rock salt or else you will freeze your drinks. Trust me on this.  So next time you are venturing out for a fishing trip or even to the beach, give this a try!