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Boating First Aid- Are You Prepared?

Mike Caulder

Boating First Aid

One of the things I have always done as a fisherman is to always carry more equipment than I needed. I guess the years of being a firefighter have trained me to be well prepared for any situation that may occur. Now I always carry a spare reel in case one breaks, plenty of extra tackle and lures, raingear, extra line, and the list goes on. One thing many anglers may not think about is to carry a good first aid kit in your boat. You never know what may happen on the water and being prepared is essential and could save your life. Over the years I have used numerous things to hold my first aid kit but I have found that the best container is a water tight box with a locking lid. This will eliminate any water intrusion, and trust me, the water will get in if it’s not sealed. I bought mine for under 20 bucks and it’s not very big. Now, you don’t need to stock this with everything under the sun. You only need some basic first aid to get yourself out of a jam or to be able to fish out the rest of the day. Your First Aid box should be built for your needs and may require additional supplies for particular medical conditions. There is no right or wrong way to stock your kit. Just have something on hand for when you may need it. Another thing to consider is where you are fishing. If you are going to be offshore, then I would build a more extensive kit than someone who may only be fishing 10-20 minutes from a boat ramp or mainland. If you will be more that 15 minutes from any kind of help, you may want to include basic CPR supplies, medications, wound dressings and a splint kit. Lastly, knowing how to use these tools, is vital. Take a first aid class or at least get a book on first aid and read it. Listed below are the things I carry in my boat first aid kit. I know this list will grow over time and there are probably some things I have forgotten. If you have any ideas for items to add to the list or fishing first aid stories then visit our Facebook Page and share them with us!

Band aids in various sizes                

2x2 and 4x4 gauze bandages

1” medical tape

Alcohol and Benzocaine swabs

Ibuprofen or other pain killer

Benadryll (for preventing allergic reactions)

Triangle bandage (make shift splint)

4” rolled gauze

Cold Pack


Antibiotic cream


Butterfly Closures

Quick Clot

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